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Go Fish . . .for Toys

ages 1-2


Short lengths of string, small toys, tape (if necessary)

Activity Detail

Take a few of your child's favorite small toys and tie one end of a short length of string to each of them. Tie the other ends of the string to the tray of his or her highchair or tape them along the outer edge (make sure the tape is out of the reach of your little one). Your child will enjoy throwing the toys off the highchair tray, then pulling the strings to get them back again. *Be sure not to use string that is long enough to pose a choking hazard and never leave your child unattended in her highchair.


julieraces said:

It's easy to turn this into a learning game by including some "like" objects (toy cars, or red items for example) and one or two "unlike" objects (a doll or a blue item) and ask your child to "throw back" the item that doesn't belong.

- Posted on Jul 31, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

This is also a great way to teach little ones about object permanence -- even though they can't see the toy, it is still there.

- Posted on Mar 7, 2008

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