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Bug-gy Safari

ages 2-6


Plastic container to contain the roly-poly bugs

Activity Detail

This is a fun spring and summer activity. Children love pill bugs (also known as roly-poly bugs), and these bugs become good pets for a little while. On a nice day, take a walk outside with your kids, and keep your eyes on the ground for any pill bugs. We usually find ours near the edge of the sidewalk. Put a couple bugs in a plastic container with holes punched in the top or in a bug jar. Make sure your kids don't leave the bugs in direct sun or drown them in too much water. And be sure to let them go after a little while!


becky.johnson said:

Make sure to put some soil in the jar or else they will not last overnight.

- Posted on Jun 21, 2007

tlafontaine2 said:

Great opportunity to get outside with your little one(s) and teach them to be gentle to insects and the like. Also, it's a great chance to teach and model some earth friendliness.

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

bethmason_us said:

Great introduction of learning about pets!

- Posted on Aug 9, 2007

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