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Searching for Worms

ages 2-6


Small shovels, a good place for digging

Activity Detail

Kids like gooey things, especially gooey things deep in the soil. Go out in your yard and let your children know that you'll be looking for worms. Help your children to move the soil around very carefully using either their hands or small trowels. Explain how worms help the soil and allow plants to grow. If the kids find a worm that hasn't seen sunlight in a very long time, if ever, they are irridescent which is quite fascinating to children. Make sure they put the worm back and not keep them as pets!


beancuso said:

Make sure you live in a place where you know you'll find worms if you dig, or that the ground is soft enough to dig. As an alternative, you can fill a tub with soft soil and purchase worms from a local fishing supply store. Then put then in the tub and watch your little scientist squeal with delight. Be sure to let the worms go in a place that they can burrow down, unless you decide to use them for fishing instead!

- Posted on Jun 19, 2007

tlafontaine2 said:

A great opportunity to teach kids about being earth friendly, too.

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

cbejzak said:

My child loves helping in the garden so would love to try this!

- Posted on Jul 28, 2007

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