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Building a Fort ...or Something Else

ages 2-4


A sheet and table

Activity Detail

My toddlers love to hide behind and under things. I often find them under the table playing hide-and-seek, so we started putting a sheet over it to make a fort. Now we play a game called 'Build me a fort or something else' where they have to say what type of building they are making and what they would find inside. So, instead of just a fort, they often make a store and they name all of the things they would find there. Or, they make a school and name all of the things in a school. They've even made tunnels where they find cars and trucks and a doctor's office where they find stethoscopes and band aids. They've made their aunt's house and named all of their cousins and so on and so on. It's really interesting to hear what they want to build and why.


jennifersweckard said:

This activity encourages imagination, analytical thinking, and physical play all at the same time. I am definitely going to do it with my child!

- Posted on Jun 26, 2007

Amy said:

I'm going to try this with my daughter. I think she'll love it and want to pretend to be wherever we build- play doctor's office or grocery store or whatever- under the table.

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

This activity is a great way to build and reinforce vocabulary with young children.

- Posted on Mar 11, 2008

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