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Sidewalk 'Painting'

ages 1-6


Paintbrushes, water, bucket or bowl for water

Activity Detail

On a warm day, take the kids outside to 'paint' the sidewalk using water instead of paint. They love that they are painting, but you don't have any clean-up! They can also do handprints and footprints by getting their hands and feet wet.


leightx said:

You can also ask your child to draw specific things (car, house, rocket ship, etc.). For older children, let them time how long it takes for their pictures to disappear. Do the pictures fade away more quickly in the sun or in the shade?

- Posted on Jun 24, 2007

This seems wasteful. Instead teach kids that some people in poor countries don't even have enough water to drink, let alone enough to paint with on the sidewalk. Painting using chalk is a much more sustainable activity in my opinion.

- Posted on Sep 22, 2008

ganeshlr said:

Nice activity

- Posted on Sep 24, 2008

sammib said:

You only need to use a few glasses of water -- hardly wasteful. Have a shorter shower that day. The production of the chalk would involve the use of a lot more water. To make the painting more interesting you could try colouring the water with food colouring.

- Posted on Nov 8, 2008

jackiebotha said:

poor countries have water.... its chalk and umm sidewalks that might pose a problem........

- Posted on Nov 30, 2008

babyangle89 said:

i think that children love to make the shape of their hands and feet by butting them in water then mark it on the side walk, and i think that stimulates their brains. i do not think that waist that much of water.

- Posted on Jan 16, 2009

dddd1234 said:

Whoever put that it's not "sustainable" to paint wioth water is a moron, in my opinion.

- Posted on Mar 5, 2009

gugliotti said:

This idea was in one of the books I just bought with hundreds of other ideas: See if your local library owns these titles Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun. The Toddlers Busy Book

- Posted on Mar 6, 2009

hhhj56 said:

If you're afraid of 'wasting' water, do this on a day after it rains & use the water from a puddle.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2009

Marc said:


- Posted on Mar 10, 2010

crystal said:

Great idea for familys who lives in the city were there is not much sidewalk in front of your home for your child to play.....and lets remember that its not about you thats its about the childern and makin sure they enjoy it...

- Posted on May 3, 2010

Ayndrenay said:

wow........ EPIC FAILURE!!

- Posted on Jun 1, 2010

Stephanie said:

The 3 year old boy that I nanny for LOVED this. He helped pour the food coloring and mix it in (which he loved being a part of). We made play dough the other day and he couldn't really help make it because it was on the stove, and when it was ready he maybe played with it for 5 minutes. We just spend an hour outside "painting". I just had to drag him inside with the promise that will be painting later. Right now he is sitting eatting lunch asking if we can paint! Hahaha wow I am shocked. He's attention span is not normally this great. So I am happy with this. Thank you :]

- Posted on Oct 9, 2010

Stephanie said:

This is day three that we have been painting. He absolutely loves this! :]

- Posted on Oct 12, 2010

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