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ages 3-6


Wire hangers, nylon stockings (you can purchase various colors so your child can choose), colorful feathers and any other decorations

Activity Detail

Making dreamcatchers is an easy, fun craft. Stretch a wire hanger into a diamond or circle shape. The kids love using their 'He-man' strength. Next stretch a nylon stocking over the hanger and tie at the top. Glue feathers, ribbons, sparkly beads, or any other decorations on. Hang up in your child's room over his or her bed.



ashleyoneill said:

Traditionally, dreamcatchers are used to catch the bad dreams. This activity is a great way to help a kid who's afraid of nightmares to fall asleep and learn a little about Native American culture, in the process.

- Posted on Jun 7, 2007

annabell said:

We'll have to try this out.

- Posted on Jul 23, 2007

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