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Eat Your Colors

ages 2-4


Colorful fruit and vegetables.

Activity Detail

My two-year-old twins love shouting out colors. One fun way to encourage them to eat fruit and to show off their knowledge of colors is to cut up a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, kiwi etc. and then shout out 'eat something red...eat something orange.' They love picking out the correct fruit and eating it. You can try this with veggies, too. Of course, if you really want to be a hero...let them play the game with M&M's or fruit chews!


tiffanywilk said:

It is so important to start your kids at an early age eating good healthy foods, so playing "games" with them it a wonderful idea! Have more than one child playing the "game" too is even better!

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

margreg said:

Fun way to eat fruits and veggies!

- Posted on Jul 29, 2007

may.olson said:

Fun way to teach them to eat healthy!

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

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