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Ripping and Roaring

ages 3-6



Activity Detail

A great way to help your children build fine motor skills is to have them rip strips of paper. The dexterity needed to rip pieces of paper helps them gain fine motor control. You can use the strips to make art projects (we made flags and collages of tiny pieces). You can also have your child crumple up the pieces they've torn and shoot baskets with them, which is great for hand-eye coordination.


tiffanywilk said:

Children love to "play basketball" with trash and or paper.

- Posted on Jun 28, 2007

maia_starling said:

Fun way to build fine motor skills. My son loved shooting baskets with the tiny pieces of crumpled paper.

- Posted on Aug 15, 2007

Amy said:

My 15 month old is always trying to rip any paper she can get her hands on, usually catalogs or magazines, so she was so excited to be allowed to do something that is usually forbidden!

- Posted on Sep 10, 2007

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