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Cardboard Box Creations

ages 1-5


Big cardboard box, scissors or box cutter, markers or crayons

Activity Detail

Use a large cardboard box, big enough that your kid can crawl into it (stove or refrigerator boxes work great) and create your own playhouse, fort, car, truck, whatever he or she would like! Just cut windows and doors and decorate the outside of the box with markers or crayons.


elizabet-k said:

We did this and made an Animal Rescue Headquarters - just like on Go Diego Go. Inside the box we put all sorts of stuffed animals- the ones you would find in the wild like tigers, buffalo, birds, elephant, etc.. Then my son added a play phone, we made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and we even created a nature scene all over the outside of the box, cutting trees and a river out of construction paper and added animals by printing, coloring and cutting out animal coloring pages. He spent 3 weeks in the box and we added something whenever we thought of something new! It was a blast and totally creative!

- Posted on Jul 18, 2007

GodsQQQ said:

My kids love to play with boxes. Every Christmas the play with the box that stuff comes in for over a month. And when we moved, oh boy, we have made so many forts. They never seem to get tired of tipping them, making houses, crawling in and out. It's just the most wonderful cheap toy!!

- Posted on Jan 19, 2009

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