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Mural Mania

ages 2-6


Crayons, pencils or markers, butcher paper or chart paper

Activity Detail

By just using big pieces of chart paper or butcher paper, drawing becomes a new, exciting activity. Pick a theme- a park, city block, or zoo and create a mural on a huge sheet of paper. Lasts for hours- brainstorm all the things that could go in the mural first and then start creating.


Andrea said:

It is nice to use a big enough piece of paper that will allow you to keep adding to your mural as your child comes to understand more items associated with the environment painted on the mural.

- Posted on Jun 20, 2007

kris said:

I think this is a really fun activity. It's going to take some planning and organization, but I think it will really be worthwhile. The nicest part is that it allows collaboration of efforts between parent and child -- something that's not always that easy to accomplish. I could imagine this idea working well to help ease anxieties about an upcoming event....1st day of a new school. hospital stay, change in preschool. You could help your child create the setting (a classroom, a hospital room, etc.) so that when they do have their 1st day of school or that hospital stay, things won't seem so unfamiliar.

- Posted on Jul 31, 2007

amyfauss said:

A twist on this idea would be to lay the paper on the floor throughout the house (easier if you have hardwoods) and let them draw different pathways, trace their bodies, etc.

- Posted on Aug 31, 2007

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