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Homemade Obstacle Courses

ages 3-6


Anything that can be turned into an obstacle: chairs can be turned into a tunnel to crawl through; laundry baskets can be turned upside down for the kids to crawl over; a garden hose can be snaked into an S-curve for the kids to follow along.

Activity Detail

Using various household or backyard objects, develop a running, jumping, ducking course for children to run around in the backyard. The kids can have a race or run just for fun!


Ramya said:

Other Savvy parents recommend creating an obstacle course during your next visit to the park -- run around the bench, climb up the ladder, go down the slide, and finish on the swing. Be sure to let your kids pick out a few routes and to take a turn racing them!

- Posted on Jun 15, 2007

novelline said:

A good twist on a trip to the park.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

may.olson said:

It is a lot of fun!!

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

Another fun way to play this game to have the kids stop at each "obstacle" to perform a different skill -- jump three times, clap your hands and pat your head, blow bubbles, etc.

- Posted on Mar 10, 2008

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