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Sink or Swim?

ages 3-6


Tub (or use the sink), water, items to sink or float (rubber duckie, small piece of wood, pieces of fruit, any household item of your child's choice that's appropriate)

Activity Detail

Fill a small tub with water and ask your child if they think an object will sink or float. Then have them place (or toss depending on how messy you want to be) in the water. What happens next?


jennifersweckard said:

This is a very simple, easy activity. Kids will love trying item after item in the water.

- Posted on Jun 26, 2007

margreg said:

For the grand finale, try a watermelon. They (and maybe you) won't believe that it floats!

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

novelline said:

We've seen this on Sesame Street, which makes it even more appealing to a preschooler!

- Posted on Jul 18, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

Blocks and little cars are always a good choice for things to dunk in the water.

- Posted on Mar 10, 2008

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