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Plastic Bag Parachutes

ages 4-6


Plastic grocery bag, 4 feet yarn or string, small plastic figure

Activity Detail

Next time you're headed to the recycling bin with your plastic grocery bags, save one for this fun activity. (You can always recycle it later!) Smooth out the bag and cut a square that is 8 inches x 8 inches. Make a small hole in each corner with a ballpoint pen. Be very careful not to rip the bag. Cut 4 pieces of string or yarn that are about 12 inches long. Tie one piece of yarn in each corner and then take all four and tie them together in a knot at the ends. Tape the knot to a small plastic toy. Now comes the fun part: take your child to your backyard, and with the parachute crumpled in your hand, throw it up into the air and watch your figure float to safety. Your child will definitely want the next turn!


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