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Pin the scale on the fish game

ages 1-6


Plastic tablecloth with a fish shape cut out of it; roll of quarters; 4 heavy rocks; swimming pool or small plastic pool

Activity Detail

Before playing this game, cut a fish shape out of a plastic tablecloth. Take the tablecloth with the fish cut out from the middle of it, and place it in the shallow end of the pool, holding it in position by placing a large rock on each corner. Have the children stand around the edge of the pool and drop quarters into the water. They are trying to make the quarter land on the fish to look like a fish scale. This pool game is fun for children, even if they are not strong swimmers. You can even try it in a small plastic pool for very younger children.


Maria said:

Great pool activity for young kids! Although kids want to be in the pool on a hot day.

- Posted on Jul 23, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

Perhaps you could add some incentive to the game by letting the child who gets the most scales on the fish win all the quarters!

- Posted on Jul 25, 2008

annabell said:

I will try this with my kids.

- Posted on Jul 31, 2008

beancuso said:

I like than even younger non-swimmers can participate in this game. Anyone have the urge to read the Rainbow Fish about now?

- Posted on Aug 1, 2008

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