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Fill it Up!

ages 2-6


Bucket or other container; rocks, sand, and water

Activity Detail

Ask your child to fill a container such as a sand bucket up with rocks until it is completely full. Then ask them to find out if the container full of rocks has room for some sand by adding as much sand as they can until it spills over. Now the container is really full, right? Will it hold some water? Pour some water in and see what happens!


amyanddaniel said:

What a great learning experience that my boys will love!

- Posted on Jul 22, 2008

Maria said:

This would be an interesting activity for young children at the beach.

- Posted on Jul 23, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

This activity lends itself to discussing many different areas of science and math: negative space, volume, weight, density, etc.

- Posted on Jul 25, 2008

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