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Clothespin Sheep

ages 3-6


Clothespins, popsicle sticks, white and black paint, cotton balls, glue

Activity Detail

First take two clothespins and position them so that they are standing up on their "legs." Glue a popsicle stick into the parts that open/pinch. You'll want to make sure that part of the stick is visible on the other side of both clothespins (about one-quarter inch on one side and one-half inch on the other). This will be the body of your sheep. Once the glue is dry, have your child paint the clothespins. These are the legs of the sheep, so your child should paint the clothespins white with black on the bottoms for the hooves. Also have your child paint the popsicle stick, which will serve as the body. One end of the popsicle stick should be black for the nose and face and the other end should be white. Once all the paint is dry, have your child glue cotton balls on the popsicle stick and top parts of the clothespins. Make it a party by playing "Old MacDonald" while making these fun animals! Variations: you can make other animals using different colored paint and coloring the cotton balls (e.g. pink for pigs) or using felt/ paper for the animal's body. You can also print out pictures of animals to color and then glue onto the clothespins.


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