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It's For You!

ages 2-6


Three PVC plumbing pieces

Activity Detail

Put three PVC pipes together and make a pretend phone. You will need two elbow pieces and one straight piece (it will need to be cut down to size; your hardware store can help with this). Screw the elbows onto the straight piece and voila! a phone! Your children can actually hear their own voices in the phone so it looks AND sounds good! If your child loves to play with the phone, this is a great imaginative activity for her.


Amy said:

My daughter loves to play with real phones when she can get her hands on one as well as toy phones and will pretend anything slightly resembling a phone, such as a block is a phone. I'm sure she'd love this, too.

- Posted on Jun 19, 2008

annabell said:

Not sure if I would go out and do this, if I had extra time or want to be challenged yes.

- Posted on Jul 1, 2008

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