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Sidewalk Chalk People

ages 3-6


Chalk (lots of colors)

Activity Detail

My five-year-old niece and four-year-old son love to trace themselves with chalk. They take turns laying on the sidewalk while the other traces around the other's body with a piece of sidewalk chalk. When they are finished they each decorate themselves adding hair, eyes, mouth, clothes and whatever else they think that they need. Then they write their name just below the figure. This is a great way to draw outside and also practice writing skills. They have to work together since it would be impossible to trace themselves so it is also good practice for communication skills, taking turns and sharing.


jennifersweckard said:

What a creative idea! The kids can also lay in different poses to simulate activities such as riding a skateboard, running, sitting down, etc.

- Posted on Jun 13, 2008

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