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Fast Father's Day Frames

ages 3-6


Light-colored picture frames, printed and solid party napkins, decoupage solution, medium brush, gloves, optional stickers or sequins, photo or artwork to frame.

Activity Detail

With your child, find some fun printed party napkins. These can even be leftover napkins from an earlier event. Give your child some scissor practice by letting her cut those napkins and some coordinating solid napkins into 1 to 2 inch strips (depending on frame width). Using light-colored, inexpensive picture frames, your child then can paint decoupage solution onto the picture frame with a medium brush and place her chosen strips onto frame. Your child can also add stickers or other embellishments. Put another coat of decoupage over the napkin and allow to dry. (Wear gloves to avoid glue-coated hands!) This project is a very cute way to give a photo or piece of artwork to Dad or Grandad on Father's Day.


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