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Birthday Interview

ages 3-6


Preschooler willing to talk about themselves, pen or pencil to document their response, paper and art materials for self-portrait.

Activity Detail

Near each of your child's birthdays, ask them to tell you about themselves and write down or type their responses. Try to make your questions as open-ended as possible, but you can prompt them by asking them to describe themselves, talk about likes and dislikes, who their friends are and why, and what they want to be when they grow up. My daughter's preschool teachers did this with her whole class, along with a self-portrait, and the responses were just hilarious. Only a preschooler would describe herself as "medium big, with hair that's called red, but its not really red, silly, it's orange instead." Priceless. File away these gems, and each year you can compare their description of themselves and how their language changes so dramatically from year to year.


Leanne said:

I love this activity!

- Posted on Jun 12, 2008

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