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"I Can Do It!" Collage

ages 3-6


Small poster board or sheet of construction paper; markers or crayons; magazines and child scissors

Activity Detail

Help your child celebrate his accomplishments, both big and small, with an "I can do it!" collage. Start with a small poster board or large sheet of construction paper, and write "I can do it!" at the top. Then ask your child to think about all the things he can do now that he couldn't when he was a baby, such as dress himself, throw a ball, write his name, etc. There are so many to choose from. Next have him draw some of these accomplishments on the paper. Another option would be to have him cut out pictures of people doing the activities from magazines and glue them on. Be sure to post this creation on the refrigerator or somewhere where he can see it and feel proud!


jennifersweckard said:

This is a great activity for siblings. The younger ones can work on accomplishing the things on the older one's board, and the older one can see how many more things he can now do!

- Posted on Jun 13, 2008

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