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Indoor treasure hunt

ages 3-6


Brown paper bags, non-breakable toys or household objects

Activity Detail

Tell the kids to hide in one room of the house. Then take some toy cars, action figures, or other non-breakable toys and objects and hide them in a different room. Once you are done hiding, give each kid a brown paper bag and then have them come into the room and try to find all the hidden objects. A way to make this game fun and educational is to hide things that all fit into a theme (things from the kitchen, things that move) or to have each child look for things that fit a theme (Johnny will find all the green things; Susie will find all the yellow things). They love looking all over the place -- it's like a treasure hunt!



Amy said:

My 3 year old daughter has loved playing this game since she was 2. She also likes to hide the objects for me to find. This game keeps her entertained for an amazing amount of time!

- Posted on Jun 2, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

This activity is perfect for a day when it is too rainy or too hot to play outside.

- Posted on Jun 3, 2007

mani1978 said:

This activity is perfect for a day when it is too rainy or too hot to play outside.

- Posted on Sep 26, 2007

Kailani said:

I really like this idea. It kept the kids busy and entertained for a long time!

- Posted on Jun 11, 2008

HiThere said:

I loved this game!!! But my 3 year old throws a fit because I put the objects were he can't find and reach them. Then we played one day and he bit me and said "NO!!!" Then I sat on my chair and started to cry. :(

- Posted on Oct 20, 2008

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