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Sandpaper Prints

ages 3-6


Piece of sandpaper, piece of white construction paper, crayons, an iron

Activity Detail

Have your child draw a simple picture on a piece of sandpaper with crayons. Have your child push hard with the crayons to create a dark, clear picture. Place a piece of white construction paper the same size as the sandpaper over the picture. Press the paper briefly with a warm iron and the picture on the sandpaper will transfer to the construction paper! Great for making cards for family members. *If you put words in the picture, remember some letters will be backwards after you transfer onto the paper (use letters a,h,i,m,o,t,u,v,w,x and y only).*


jennifersweckard said:

It would be cute to frame the sandpaper and the print side-by-side to show the creative process!

- Posted on Jun 13, 2008

tiffanywilk said:

This is a good idea for homemade cards or gift wrap too! Children love to make homemade cards and people enjoy getting homemade cards as well.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2008

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