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Shamrock Counting

ages 2-6


Shamrock stickers; piece of paper with a number grid on it

Activity Detail

Make a grid of 6 squares on a piece of paper, and write the numbers 1-6 in each square. In box number one, have your child place one shamrock sticker. In box number two, have your child place two shamrocks. Continue in the same way through number six. For older children, you can extend the activity to a higher number. This activity is a great way to work on one-to-one correspondence with children!


Yael said:

This is a nice activity since it marks St. Patrick's Day in a creative way, teaches counting, and appeals to the seemingly universal love kids have for stickers. It could easily be adapted to incorporate other holidays, or as just a fun way to learn counting with your child's favorite stickers.

- Posted on Apr 28, 2008

beancuso said:

To extend this activity when its done, cut out the groups of stickers and mix them up. Then put them back in order. Or, call out the number and see how quickly your child can identify which group you've just named counting only with their eyes, no fingers.

- Posted on Aug 1, 2008

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