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Pot O' Shamrocks

ages 2-6


Popsicle sticks (6-8 or more), green paper, scissors, glue green marker or paint, pot or bowl, dirt, glitter (optional)

Activity Detail

Bring a little Irish green to your table with this fun St. Patrick's Day centerpiece. Let your child color or paint 6-8 popsicle sticks (or more!) with a green marker or paint, while you cut hearts out of green paper. Hearts should be about 3" tall and you will need about 18-24 hearts. Glue the pointed end of a green heart to the top end of one of the sticks. Repeat with 2 more hearts, one to the left and one to the right of the first heart. The 3 hearts will create a 3-leaf clover on the stick (the green clover stem). Once all the shamrocks have been put together, stick them down into a bowl or pot that has been filled with dirt. To add some sparkle to the centerpiece, sprinkle some green glitter onto the clover leaves. You will have your very own patch of shamrocks!


Yael said:

I had to read the directions on how to glue the hearts over a couple times before I fully understood how to proceed with this activity. I am also not sure as to how much a 2-year old would really get from participating. That said, this is a fun way to get your kids into the spirit of St. Patty's Day.

- Posted on Apr 28, 2008

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