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Palm Sunday Palms

ages 3-6


Large craft stick (8" x 1"), green marker or paint, green paper, scissors, glue

Activity Detail

Help your child understand a little more about the meaning of Palm Sunday by making palms at home. Start by coloring or painting a large tongue depressor or popsicle stick green (these are about 1" x 8" and can be found at craft stores). Next cut a large teardrop shape out of a piece of green paper. The teardrop should be about 8-10" tall. Fold the teardrop in half lengthwise and make cuts along the outside edge, creating a fringe effect. Cuts should be very small at the pointed end of the teardrop and get larger as you go down. Unfold the teardrop to reveal the palm leaf. Glue the leaf onto the green stick, which will create the stem and also allow your child to hold and wave the finished palm "branch". Finally talk to your child about the significance of the palm branch as it relates to Palm Sunday.


annabell said:

I think a picture would help with the explanation.

- Posted on May 1, 2008

Leanne said:

Wonderful activity for a wonderful day!

- Posted on May 15, 2008

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