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Ribbon Easter Basket

ages 3-6


White or light brown basket, variety of ribbons, scissors, needle with very large eye (optional)

Activity Detail

Create a one-of-a-kind Easter basket that will last for years to come! First choose a good, sturdy basket from your local arts and crafts store. White or light brown baskets work best. Next have your child help you pick out a variety of ribbons. The ribbons can be themed by color (shades of pink), subject (flowers), or just ribbons that your child likes. You can purchase spools of ribbon, or ribbon by the yard. You will need 1-2 yards of each ribbon, and about 3-6 different ribbons. If your basket is loosely woven, use your fingers to feed one end of the ribbon in and out of the crevices of the basket to "weave" the ribbon into the basket design. If the basket is tightly woven, it is helpful to use a needle with a very large eye to thread the ribbon through the basket. Tie the loose ends of the ribbon together once you have worked your way all the way around the basket. A more simple approach is to wind the ribbons only around the handle of the basket. Tie the ribbons off where the handle meets the basket. Leave the ends of the ribbons 6-8" long so that they flow down the sides of the basket. You will end up with a unique basket hand made by you and your child. It will also be much higher quality than the cheap Easter baskets sold at the store.


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