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ages 3-6


Pole, nails or tape, various ribbons

Activity Detail

This Maypole makes a fun summer yard ornament or activity for a May birthday party. At your local home improvement or hardware store, select a material that would make a good pole to stick in the ground: a length of rebar, a wooden stake, a piece of metal or plastic pipe, etc. Stick the pole into the ground so that it is secure. The pole should be at least a foot taller than your child. Next cut a variety of ribbons about 6" longer than the pole. You will need at least one ribbon per child who will be decorating the Maypole. Next secure one end of the ribbons to the very top of the pole by tying, nailing, or taping them in place. Let the other end of the ribbons fall to the ground. At your party or gathering, have each child choose a ribbon to hold in one hand. The children should stand in a circle around the pole, a couple of feet from the pole. Next have the children walk around the pole, some going clockwise, some counter-clockwise. Some should walk under the ribbons and some step over them. (It's okay if it isn't perfect!) Have the children go around the pole until their ribbon has wound around nearly to the ground. Next, secure the ribbons by tying a string around the bottom of the pole. Now your pole should resemble a randomly woven, colorful stick.


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