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Little Paleontologists

ages 3-6


Dinosaur figurines, shovel, sandbox

Activity Detail

Give your little paleontologist a head start with extra digging practice. Bury several little dinosaur figures in your child's sandbox, and help her dig for them. (If you don't have a sandbox, you can create one from a big plastic container and some play sand.) As you work together to dig up the dinosaurs, explain to your child how dinosaurs lived long ago, and how paleontologists dig for bones and for clues about these ancient giants. Look up the names and facts about the dinosaur figures that you are digging up. Are they meat eaters or plant eaters? How big were they? Did they live in herds or were they solitary? Kids love dinosaurs!


jennifersweckard said:

Introduce some math by counting the dinosaurs you dig up. How many of each color are there? How many have two legs versus four?

- Posted on Apr 24, 2008

beancuso said:

For a twist on this activity, you could get the pieces of a construct-your-own dinosaur and bury them. Then you could unearth and reconstruct the dinosaur, too.

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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