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Ladybugs in the Garden

ages 3-6


Ladybugs, jar, stickers or paint

Activity Detail

Spring is a great time of year to release ladybugs into your garden. Make this a fun activity to do with your kids. Purchase ladybugs at any home improvement store or garden center. Allow your child to decorate an empty jar with colorful stickers or paintings that represent spring. Make sure that you punch plenty of holes in the lid of the jar to give the ladybugs air. If you have a canning jar, such as Ball or Mason, you can remove the inner part of the lid and replace it with screen or mesh. Make sure that you place a source of water for the lady bugs (a damp cotton ball or paper towel works well). Once you and your child have enjoyed the ladybugs for a day or so, release them into the garden and explain to your child the benefits that they will provide to your flowers.


margreg said:

Now that is a fun spring time activity! I never knew that we could buy ladybugs at a home improvement area--thanks! What fun!

- Posted on Apr 23, 2008

beancuso said:

Oh, these kinds of activities makes me wish it were spring all year! I love the idea of the mesh in the canning jar. Thanks for the tip!

- Posted on Aug 1, 2008

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