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Walkie Talkies

ages 3-6


Foam bricks, aluminum foil, black marker, pens or something to poke small holes in the foil, black pipe cleaners

Activity Detail

This is a fun party activity. Purchase foam bricks from a craft store and cut them into walkie talkie sized rectangles (about 12x2). Cut large pieces of foil and give two to each child to cover the foam. Have the kids poke small holes (a pen tip works great) in the foil on the top and bottom for the ear and mouthpiece speakers. Then with a marker, they can draw numbers for a keypad. Have the child put a small black pipe cleaner in the top for the antenna. The kids can then pretend to talk on their walkie talkies. Great for Army-themed parties or Power Ranger parties.


margreg said:

Fun idea--would be good on a rainy day or a do-nothing afternoon too!

- Posted on Apr 23, 2008

beancuso said:

A fun and simple prop to let imaginations run wild!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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