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Trash Monster

ages 3-6


2 paper grocery bags, pipe cleaners, construction paper

Activity Detail

Get two large paper grocery bags for each child. Cut a large oval out of the bottom of one bag. Slide it into the other bag, open end first, so that the oval is on top. The oval will be the monster's mouth. Decorate the top of the bag with construction paper eyes, mouth, hair, whatever. Poke a small hole on the top of the monster, about 2" from the back edge, and another hole on the back of the monster, about 3" from the top. Run a pipe cleaner through the two holes and twist together to make a handle. Then take the monsters for a walk and "feed" them any trash you find. This monster also looks cute as a trash can in the child's room. To empty and reuse, untwist the pipe cleaner and pull the top bag out, empty and replace.


margreg said:

Now this is cute, creative and useful for picking up trash in a fun way! Thanks for this one!!

- Posted on Apr 23, 2008

Amy said:

What a creative way to help teach your child about doing their part to take care of the earth!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

beancuso said:

This is priceless! What a cute and green activity. I'll be sure to suggest this to my preschool to incorporate several times this year. Maybe we'll be so inspired, we'll go and do a park cleanup with our "Trash Monsters". Thanks for the great idea!

- Posted on Aug 1, 2008

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