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Paper Evergreen Trees

ages 3-6


Green construction paper, Crayons, markers, or tempera paint, scissors, clear tape

Activity Detail

Make a simple 3-dimensional evergreen tree from construction paper. Fold a piece of green construction paper in half, then cut it in half along the fold. Put the two pieces together, and fold them in half again. Draw half an evergreen tree along the fold -- half of a big triangle will work fine. Cut along the line you just drew to create two identical trees. Cut a slit up from the bottom halfway up through the center of one tree; cut a slit down from the top of the other tree, stopping halfway. Slip the two trees together along the slits. Using clear tape, tape the bottoms and tops together (pieces of tape on the bottom and at the top make the tree stand up well and stop the slit ends from flopping over). Create a whole forest of pine trees to put in the center of your winter tablescape.


Leanne said:

Wonderful Activity!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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