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Paper Plate Maracas

ages 2-6


One or two paper plates; dried beans, rice, or popcorn; stapler; paint, markers, or crayons; optional: crepe paper streamers

Activity Detail

This is a project that your child can do (almost) all by herself! Begin by putting a handful or two of dried beans, rice, or popcorn in a paper plate. Then help your child staple another paper plate securely on top of it. (You can also use a single plate for each maraca by folding a paper plate in half, adding the beans, then stapling the rim to itself.) Last, help your child decorate the maracas with crayons, markers, or paint. You can also staple long crepe paper streamers to the maracas. Your child now has great maracas that she made by herself. Turn up the music and start shaking!


Yael said:

This is a great activity for its simplicity. The items required to make it are all household things that a lot of people have on-hand anyway. It's also a good activity because it's something that has appeal for younger kids who can color the paper plates as well as older kids who can put the whole thing together. And what kid doesn't like make noise?

- Posted on Apr 28, 2008

beancuso said:

These instruments are actually pretty sturdy. My girls still use theirs from preschool last year! For more inquisitive types who might pry open those plates to see what's still inside, maybe use colored duct tape to secure the plates together before stapling. Just another line of defense!

- Posted on Aug 1, 2008

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