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Creating Snacklaces

ages 2-6


Yarn or string, pretzels or Cheerios

Activity Detail

This is a slightly more nutritious variation of candy jewelry. Cut yarn or string in different lengths for your child to wear as a necklace or bracelet. Let your child decorate it by stringing on Cheerios or small pretzels. Make extras - they're fun to carry around for your child to nibble on!


Mya said:

Nice to have a healthy alternative to the normal life saver or fruit loop necklaces.

- Posted on Jun 25, 2007

Yael said:

My almost 5-year old has done this activity with cheerios almost every year he's been in preschool and enjoys it. Using pretzels instead is a nice "twist" worth trying. I think that older kids in the 6 year old range may feel a bit "been there, done that" about this particular activity.

- Posted on Jun 27, 2007

may.olson said:

Great to hand out at the beginning of a party as well.

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

Yogurt and peanut butter pretzels are fun, but slightly more messy.

- Posted on Mar 8, 2008

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