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Twister Cards

ages 3-6


Light and dark blue, red, yellow and green card stock; rubber cement or glue

Activity Detail

This may sound complicated, but it is well worth the effort! You will need red, dark blue, light blue, green, and yellow card stock. Using red for the right side body parts and blue for the left side, cut out a whole bunch of hand and foot shapes. Then cut small circles for elbows and half ovals for knees. These should be approximately 2-3 inches long. Make some green ovals for head shapes and yellow "bottom" shapes (like the letter B). Glue the shapes on blue card stock in different configurations for a great direction following, balancing, and stretching game. Some examples are: one red foot (balance on the right foot); two hands, two feet (both hands, both feet on the floor); one bottom, red foot, red elbow (balance on your bottom with the right foot down and the right elbow behind you). Laminate for durability. The possibilities are endless!


Leanne said:

Great fun!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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