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Tissue Paper Rainbow

ages 2-6


White paper, scissors, glue, colored tissue paper, cotton balls

Activity Detail

Start with a piece of white paper - - a small one to fit on the refrigerator, or a larger one to decorate your child's bedroom wall or playroom. With a pencil, trace out the curved lines of a rainbow, leaving plenty of space to fill in the colors with tissue paper. Cut or tear up small pieces of tissue paper, wad them up, and glue them onto the rainbow to completely fill it in. Your child can add clouds made of cotton balls, if she'd like. This is a great activity for reviewing colors and also to teach beginning science for how rainbows are made.


margreg said:

Cute! My kindergartener just made a similar rainbow at school, but this one is cuter!

- Posted on Apr 23, 2008

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