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Love Bugs

ages 3-6


Construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, wide chenille stems, googly eyes, glitter

Activity Detail

Cute art project and poem to accompany it! Start with a large heart out of any color construction paper (you can use the traditional pink, red, white of Valentine's Day or opt for more colors, if you wish). Glue a smaller heart inside of the larger one. Ideally, there should be about a 1/2 inch border showing from the larger heart; this is the base for the Love Bug's body. To turn the heart into a "bug," turn it upside down and add much smaller hearts for the bug's wing spots (like a ladybug). Cut a circle from black paper for the head and place over the point of the heart. Accordion fold six black strips for legs. Add googly eyes, glitter and a wide chenille stem for the antennae, and your love bug is complete. Add the following poem to the back and you have a unique Valentine: "The Love Bug. It begins with a grin and turns into a giggle. You start to laugh and your legs start to wiggle! You look all around, for someone to hug. What can you do? You've caught the love bug! AH-AH-AH-CHOO!"


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