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"Piggy" Snacks

ages 3-6


2 slices of bread, plastic knife, large round object such as a wide mouth glass, small round object such as a salad dressing lid, strawberry cream cheese, strawberry or raspberry jam, raisins or cereal pieces

Activity Detail

Preschoolers will enjoy making this snack almost as much as eating it! Start with toasted bread to make spreading easier. Using a wide mouth glass or a can as your guide, cut a large circle from one piece of bread to be the pig's head. Cut a smaller circle (you can use a salad dressing lid as a guide if you like) for the pig's snout and 2 small triangles for ears from the second piece of bread. Let your child spread strawberry cream cheese on the big circle of bread and two triangle ears and strawberry or raspberry jam on the small circle. Then it is time for your child to assemble their pig face with the large circle for the face, small circle for its snout, and triangles for ears. Raisins or small cereal pieces like Cheerios can be used for eyes and breathing holes for the snout. Now the child's piggy snack is ready to eat!


skippdebsamuel said:


- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

annabell said:

My kids will love this!!! So creative!

- Posted on Jul 31, 2008

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