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Is it Bigger or Smaller?

ages 2-4

Activity Detail

Children at a young age can start to do math with simple concepts. Determining which of two given numbers is bigger or smaller can give young kids the confidence that they need to move on to more complicated math concepts. Once a child can count at least from 1 to 20, you can play a game where you tell a child two numbers and then ask which is bigger. Additionally, you can tell him two different numbers and ask which is smaller. This is a great game to play while in line at the grocery store or at a restaurant or just while picking up around the house.


Brookyn said:

I am not sure how unique or creative this idea is, but it's a good one due to its simplicity and the fact that it can be done pretty much anywhere without any special materials. I do think that by age 4, the concept of bigger v. smaller numbers is something many kids have down, but it's a nice idea for younger children.

- Posted on Jun 3, 2008

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