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The Counting Game

ages 3-5

Activity Detail

Often asking a child to count can become a chore for the child. It is important to always make learning fun. I find that counting from 1 to 100 is not that exciting for a 4 year old. So I try and make it a game. I will often start by asking if he wants to play the counting game. A game is always a welcome pastime. Once he agrees, then I will start by saying 1 and then he will say 2, I will follow with 3 and so on. Once we come to a place where he is struggling, I will ask him to start. This is important so that the child actually says all of the numbers. This game can also be used to teach the concept of odd and even numbers, as well as skip-counting. Math is often looked at last, but it is an important concept that can be taught early. This is a great game while in the car or waiting in line or at a restaurant.


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