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Top Chef

ages 2-6


Everything in your kitchen is fair game!

Activity Detail

Let your child dress up in their chef's hat and apron, and then turn them loose in the kitchen! That's right... get out a large mixing bowl and spoon, and let your child select things from the pantry and the refrigerator to create their own recipe. (Of course, you won't actually eat it!) During the process, you can teach your child how to pour, crack eggs, measure, etc. You can also teach them cooking terminology, like whisk, measuring cup, etc. This is a great activity for your older preschoolers who are so eager to help and learn new things!


Amy said:

I like this activity, except that the food gets wasted. I know my daughter would love to be in charge of choosing her own ingredients and doing what she wants with them, but I think I'd rather have her help me with cooking instead.

- Posted on Apr 4, 2008

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