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Make your own candlesticks

ages 2-6


Empty kid-sized water bottles, tissue paper & glue, sand to fill the bottles, aluminum foil candle holders, hot glue gun, candles

Activity Detail

Children can make their own candlesticks by first decorating the outside of an empty kid-sized water bottle. Try using tissue paper covered with glue works nicely (think decoupage). This makes a really beautiful candlestick. Once the decorations have dried, the child can fill the bottle with sand (either colored or regular). This gives the bottle weight so it won't topple over. Next glue a piece of aluminum foil into the spout of the water bottle; this will hold the candle. (Hot glue guns work best to create a nice seal.) Stand the bottle up and you have a fun and fancy candle holder. These can be used for all occasions. My son's preschool made them for the Shabbat table, but we like to bring them out for all of our big family dinners.


tiffanywilk said:

These would be fun to make and then bring them out on "special occasions"! Children love when you pull out something to use when guest are over that they made!

- Posted on Jun 25, 2008

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