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Relay Races

ages 3-6


Jump ropes or cones; open, flat area for running; baton item optional.

Activity Detail

Do a simple relay game by designating a start and finish line using jump ropes or cones. Split up teams according to how many kids there are. Three or four to a team is most appropriate for preschoolers. You can use beanbags, party horns, small sticks or even just a light tag to cue the next runner. When each child has their turn, have them sit down at their team's finish line so you know they've had their turn. First team with all members sitting wins the race! Mix it up by moving different ways such as jumping, galloping, skipping, walking backward, silly walking, or even crawling! You can also mix up the teams if they seem uneven in skill level. This is a great event for outdoor parties or those afternoons when all the neighborhood kids seem to be at your house.


amyanddaniel said:

Recently at a birthday party, we had a painting relay. The kids ran across the yard to the fence where the outline of a rainbow was hanging. Each child painted one stripe of the rainbow and then ran back to their team. It was very fun!

- Posted on Apr 12, 2008

amyfauss said:

I loved relay races as a child. Thanks for reminding us of this simple but sometimes forgotten game.

- Posted on May 23, 2008

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