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Swinging Statues

ages 3-6


Your imagination

Activity Detail

Best played outside, but can also be done indoors if you clear a big enough space. You are the 'sculptor' and your child will be the 'statue.' Gently swing your child in circles (either by holding under their arms or just by holding hands) 2 or 3 times, calling out the name of an animal or object. When the sculptor lets go, the statue must come to rest in a position that looks like the animal or object and stay still. This is great to play with a group of children. Once all the statues have been spun off, you can pick a favorite and play again. Older children can take turns being the sculptor.


leightx said:

A great childhood game to relive with your own kids!

- Posted on Jun 24, 2007

jennifersweckard said:

This is a great activity to help a child really think about the animal or object and then try to form their body in the same image.

- Posted on Jul 17, 2007

may.olson said:

Can add to this activity for older kids by asking them to spell whatever they end up being as a statue.

- Posted on Aug 30, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

This game is also fun to play in a sprinkler on a hot day. Call it "swinging fountains"!

- Posted on Mar 8, 2008

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