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Puddle Jumping

ages 2-6


Hula hoops, imagination

Activity Detail

Using hula hoops inside on a rainy day can be fun! Put on your real or imaginary rain boots, coat and hat. Give each child a hoop, or if you don't have hula hoops, have each child draw an imaginary "puddle" around her feet. Have everyone stand inside his or hoop, or puddle, and choose a child to tell you how she'd like to play in the puddle. Then chant, "Sally is jumping, jumping, jumping, Sally is jumping in her puddle." Then each child can choose the way he or she wants to play. Splashing, twirling, stomping, sitting, swimming? As long as kids are hearing their name and get a choice, they're having fun! Be sure to refill those puddles once all the water and mud are stomped out. And drink some hot cocoa (real or imaginary) to cap off your puddle party!


Amy said:

What a fun way to get kids active indoors! I think this can be done with one child, too, especially if the parent participates. They can change what they do in the puddle- first jump, then splash, etc.

- Posted on Apr 4, 2008

annabell said:

Great imaginative play!!

- Posted on Jul 31, 2008

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