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Passover Matzo Cover for the Afikomen

ages 3-6


Pieces of felt (1 per cover), glue, decorations like glitter, ribbon, sparkles, and yarn

Activity Detail

Take a medium sized piece of felt -- square or rectangular piece works best. Fold the bottom portion up about 1/3 of the way and glue the sides. (It will look a little bit like an old fashioned wallet.) This will make a nice pocket to put the matzo in. The top portion can be folded down to cover the matzo and you can affix a small piece of velcro to the top flap and the pocket so it will close nicely, if you wish. Once the glue has dried, have your child decorate the cover with sparkles, glitter, ribbon, etc. If your child can write in Hebrew it would be an added bonus to have them write on the cover. Have an adult hide the matzo cover so the kids can go searching for the afikomen.


margreg said:

This seems more like a religious tradition than an activity--not sure if our website is the place.

- Posted on Jun 24, 2008

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