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Water Bottle Egg Shakers

ages 2-6


Empty water bottles, rice (or other small noise making item), hot glue gun

Activity Detail

This is a fun way to recycle your used water bottles. Fill an empty plastic water bottle with rice and then glue the lid on securely. This will make for a really fun maraca or egg shaker type of instrument. An alternative is to fill the water bottle with rice and then glue another water bottle to it (mouth to mouth). This creates a rainmaker type of toy. Just be sure it's glued securely! Otherwise, you will end up with a big mess. A hot glue gun works well, and I opted to glue a piece of foil around the two mouths after just for extra security.


Amy said:

This was so easy to do! My 4 year old daughter loved helping put the rice in the water bottles, and she and her one year old sister both love shaking them to music and dancing. We even had a parade through the house.

- Posted on Apr 11, 2008

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