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Marshmallow Bunnies

ages 2-6


Marshmallows (large and small), marshmallow spread, food coloring, sprinkles, decorative candy

Activity Detail

Use a combination of large and mini marshmallows to create little Easter bunnies. Use the large marshmallows for the bodies, and the mini marshmallows for the ears, nose, etc. (You will need to cut them to fit the shape that you need). You might use tiny candies to decorate your bunnies, too. You can also color the marshmallows in bowls of food coloring to make your bunnies different colors. Use a thin layer of marshmallow spread to attach the bunny body parts, or to coat the bunnies with sprinkles. Of course, you can also create other springtime animals like ducks and chicks, and you may even want to create a springtime setting for them with Easter grass, etc. to display your little bunnies. A great centerpiece for your Easter brunch. Your little ones will be so proud of their creations!


Bonnie said:

How do you create bunnies with marshmallows without adhering them to something? Otherwise there would just be a big pile of loose marshmallows, right?

- Posted on May 27, 2008

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