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Dye Your Eggs Naturally

ages 2-6


Hard boiled eggs, saucepan and water, frozen spinach block, blackberries, onion skins, coffee bags, beets, carrots, coffee mugs, spoon

Activity Detail

Easter is just around the corner and dying eggs can be a messy task. Here is a natural way to dye your eggs. 1. Boil in separate pots spinach, blackberries, onion skins, coffee bags, beets and carrots until the water is brightly colored. If you only have one saucepan make sure that you clean it thoroughly before you move on to the next color. 2. Strain the colored water to remove the food item and pour the water into a coffee mug or deep bowl. 3. Using a spoon carefully place the hard boiled egg into the dye and let it sit for several minutes. 4. When removing the eggs, place them somewhere to dry. An upside-down egg carton makes a great drying rack!


Leanne said:

Too much time!

- Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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